Autechre — Amber. Short story behind the artwork

George Palladev / 23.01.2018

Autechre — Amber. Short story behind the artwork

Today’s cover story is about the sleeve of the second album by complex British electronic musicians Autechre. It looks like a close up of sand-dunes but actually these are high hills, created by volcanic ash many years ago and later washed by rain and shaped by wind for thousands of years. Amazed by the soft colours, 12″ talked to the cover designer Ian Anderson to find out why he used Nick Meyers’ photo of Honey Valley in Cappadocia.

Ian Anderson

“Surreal otherworldly natural found image no filters / glitch ambient echoing music contrasting with Incunabula. Light / colour not location.”

By the way, Amber is the only album by the duo with full pictures without cuts. The Garbage EP, that contains the songs recorded at the same time as Amber, has a photo of the familiar hills but they went through a sophisticated shredding machine.

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