Steve Stoll — The blunted boy wonder

George Palladev

Steve Stoll — The blunted boy wonder

Not melodic techno album of Steve Stoll for twenty years has not lost energy at all: the roar, the rumble and the names that have nothing to do with music. (Steve used to be a drummer in industrial bands.) Damon Wilde, who collaborated with Stoll in the 90’s, remembers his friend’s methods of working in a New York apartment without the help of a computer: he turned on the Roland TR-909 and began to improvise on the rest of the equipment, recording all this on DAT cassette, and from there to the album. That’s why his tracks have neither beginning nor end.

And the cover has nothing to do with the music — allusion to the record designs of the great jazz record label Blue Note in the 60s.

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