Human Traffic

George Palladev / 8.04.2022

Human Traffic

The weekend starts here. The first real movie about clubbers and the last great movie of the nineties—this is how it was described in the media. Human Traffic portrays the hard life of working British youth who live from Friday to Friday in anticipation of the weekend. The film is considered a real cult film in the club scene while extracts from it were turned into memes before the word ‘meme’ even became popular.

Justin Kerrigan

The young director, 25-year-old Justin Kerrigan (the one who says the phrase “Any jungle in guy?”), claimed that the script wasn’t fiction, “Everything in the film is based on things that have happened to me in my life, or on people I know. Real people and real situations.” Here we have house, techno, ambient, drum & bass, trance and downtempo music combined with fashionable outfits, bulging eyes, lines and joints, all human vices and greasy jokes, 18+. “I just wanted to make a film that redressed the balance of the way club culture has been portrayed... no one jumps out of a window or rapes a granny or shit like that. It just didn’t ring true.”

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